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Survival Games


"Survival Games" - the famous pixel survival game is coming to Googleplay now!***Features***# Huge maps - "Survival Island", "Death Maze": Mountain, Forest, Sea, Arena…# Epic 3d pixel graphics.# Comfortable control & comfortable visual effects. # Worldwide Multiplayer support!# Props: food, bow, stone sword, wood sword…# "Survival Rules": Survival & Fight to the last minute!!!
***Worldwide Multiplayer*** # 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game. # Max players support: 16 players.# Round time setting: 15-60 minutes.
***Rules*** 1. When game starting, sprint to the chest.You may get food or weapons there!2. Search and attack: After start, you will keep fighting and find chest in the island (eat food & get weapons).3. Hunger value: if your hunger value is low, your attack power and hp recovery power will be low!4. If at the last 5 minutes, there are still more than 2 persons, these men will be transferred to the Arena!That's the last battle field!!!